Tastes, games, and holidays

I was one of three participants in the 3rd monthly Pirates tournament held at the Compleat Strategist.
It was a sealed draft tournament using one pack from each of the three
sets. With such a low turnout, the contest was decided by a single
three-player game, and we all got prizes. Even though I pulled the USS
Constitution from a booster, and managed to set stuff on fire with it,
I came in third, kicking and screaming my way below the waves. Nuts.

But after the tournament, Evelyn and I went over with some friends to the Taste of Falls Church.
It was a gathering of local restaurants, each giving smaller renditions
of their specialty dishes for a few bucks each. For $15 we got to
sample Irish, Chinese, and Italian cuisine. Contrary to my
expectations, it was a filling and varied meal for the money we paid.
As we sat to eat with friends, we were hassled by one particular yellow
jacket that seemed bent on strafing us as we ate. Bugs sure can be

The month of September has passed, and with it has the Fluxx Buxx contest.
I collected 14 names and sent my entry form on its merry way a couple
days ago. Speaking of Looney Labs, Andy has announced the upcoming
revisions to Chrononauts for its pending 3rd printing.
I’m still working up the guts to manually update my Chrononauts decks,
but it would be easier to retire my older set and donate it to Dad or
Neil and shell out $20 for the spiffier version.

Jeffrey Rowland is the kind of person who should come with a surgeon general’s warning. Stop reading his web comics
right now! You’ve been warned! I’d simply link you to the best ones,
but I’m too lazy to do that, and this kind of comic just isn’t healthy
for you.

I’m in line to get a big promotion at work (JJMA),
kind of. It’s not really a change in my title, but it will be a major
shift in the type and amount of work I will be doing. I’ll become the
understudy for one of the almighty Ship Design Integrators, a guy who’s
mission is to understand the entire vessel from stem to stern.
Essentially he serves as an intermediary between the technical and the
managerial staff in a ship design, making sure the technical data is
reasonable, and communicating the engineering decisions to upper level
bosses. This means we becomes well versed in all fields of ship design,
without dwelling too long on any one facet. I will be taken under the
wing of this guy, learn all he knows, and eventually take over his job.
It’s a significant long-term boost to my career, and I think it will be
far more interesting than what I’ve been doing to date. Did I mention
the business travel involved?

We went to Beth El for Rosh
Hashanah services, performed by the Young Professionals Kesher, a
sub-congregation of young singles in their 20s and 30s. I’ve learned
quite a bit this time around, and the YPK services are a nice change of
pace; instead of being in a massive horde of families, we have a more
modest gathering of peers. Evelyn and I were asked to open and close
the ark twice during the readings. We also enjoyed the Tashlich as
well, but Evelyn says the small woodland creek cannot compare to the
awe of the Pacific Ocean. Happy 5766, everyone! L’shanah tovah!

Wedding Update… Here is our Milk Carton of friends and family that
have worked their way off our grid of contacts. We’d like to invite
these people to the wedding but we have scant info on them.

  • My cousins Amy and Melissa. Last I heard, Amy was married a few years back, and Melissa had a baby…?
  • Jerry and Tina Mohamed. I have no idea who they are, but apparantly Mom thinks I should invite them.
  • My former boss George Pietriczk and his wife.
  • My former chemistry teacher Barb Tayler
  • 4-H leader Janice Robinson
  • Evelyn’s high school friend Amber Schanick
  • Adam Ledyard, Jason Francis, and Nate Scholten, high school friends of mine whom I haven’t heard from in years.

I want to yammer about Evelyn’s work on the sequel to Key Fob, but I’ll save that for next time.


One Response to “Tastes, games, and holidays”

  1. Matthew Says:

    My name is Matthew Mohamed, and I think you are talking about my parents, Jerry and Tina Mohamed… get back to me on that one.

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