Wedding planning update

Evelyn and I are
continuing to scout for locations. We’ve settled on March 16, 2006 as
our date, barring any unforeseen insurmountable difficulties.

our ceremony site, we’re hoping to look at a colonial house called
Stone Mansion, built circa 1780. It has multiple small rooms, is tucked
away in a quiet subdivision, and we could potentially have the whole
building all day if we wanted to. It’s managed by the Fairfax County
Park Dept, so we figure it’d be relatively cheap, too.

Here’s a link to Stone Mansion:

the reception site, we’re looking at a ballroom operated by the
historic Gadsby’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria. The ballroom itself is
even an American Legion meeting site.  The room itself
is spacious, and overlooks the town from the second story. The attached
tavern would provide the meal cooked fresh that day.

Here’s a link to Gadsby’s Tavern:

and I have been meeting with our friendly cantor, Sharon Steinberg, who
will be officiating for us. We have some more meetings with her yet,
after the High Holidays in October.

Evelyn and I have been a
little dismayed by our ever-shrinking guest list. The initial guest
count of 100 has dropped to 80, and now it looks more like 50. We had a
serious discussion about whether or not we were doing our wedding a
favor by not holding it in the summertime. Our conclusion here is that
we’re still sticking with March 16th. Instead we are revising our
expectations of the wedding size. Originally we had hoped it would be a
multi-famity gathering, the kind that relatives see each other every
five years at. It looks like our chosen time of the year is too
restrictive to do that. Now we picture a much smaller event. Now we
consider our wedding to be for people who want to be there for the
ceremony itself, want to meet the other family face-to-face, or are our
friends from the DC area.

Thankfully a smaller wedding opens up
many opportunities in ceremony and reception sites. We’re feeling a bit
liberated by not worrying about having more guests than we can handle,
and we’re having creative thoughts on how to hold a smaller ceremony
and reception.

But we still want to celebrate with the larger
family, so we are going to make a bigger deal out of our Whistlestop
Campaign, as we’ve liked to call it. We’re planning on taking up to a
year and a half to eventually visit the areas with large concentrations
of family: Middlebury, Lompoc, Indianapolis, Missouri, Los Angeles, and
Long Island. Expect us to delegate planning of these visits to the
respective family in the area, though. This way we can see family who
otherwise couldn’t come out to our wedding in DC.


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