I learned something new!

Today I learned how the basics of programming in Javascript! I had done some programming with BASIC, C++, and Java in high school, and Fortran in college. I was enthused by my experiences with writing code; at one point I considered programming as a career. My professor gave me \increasingly more complex programs to write, from computing factorials to computing and displaying hot dog orders, to building databases.

However, I was put off by the tedious compiling process, and the necessity of a seperate programming software suite. Javascript has neither of those issues. It is supported entirely by most web browsers (like IE and Firefox). Though I do not yet have a use for Javascript in my personal web pages, it is still useful to have a programming tool that is simple to use.

I wanted to show an example here, but apparantly this site does not support javascript. I found out that you can even trigger Windows to display a pop-up window with a single line of code. Javascript can help with modular webpage construction, and can even format a site’s appearance based on the day of the week. I’m still just learning, but this has lots of potential.

On another note, I visited Evelyn for her graduation. I will post pictures soon. She placed second in her class, and won two awards for her naval architecture and humanities prowess. Her class lost two students the week before commencement, one to misfortune and one to stupidity. It’s tragic to make it that close to graduation and then suffer that kind of fate. But Evelyn was all smiles and joy when she held her B.S. proudly! I’m proud of you, Evelyn!

I also spent the weekend with Evelyn’s family. Larry and I discussed books, and he will return home with a half-dozen books that he saved from being scrapped. Eilene took Evelyn shopping for business clothes and for Evelyn’s wedding dress. Good luck in that!

Evelyn and I also attended the Broadway musical All Shook Up. It was a very fast-paced and energetic show set to the collected hits of Elvis Pressley. The plot involved several simultaneous love quadrangles, cross-dressing, love found, and love rediscovered. Although I do not care much for Elvis’s music, I did find their use of scenery fascinating. They created the illusion of a motorcycle driving on the open highway and rolling into the small town. Set pieces rotated and slid about while the cast performed their lines and songs. All Shook Up follows the same vein as Hairspray, Movin’ Out, and Mama Mia, combining colorful and energetic performances with humor and musical nostalgia.


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