This I believe

Okay, I subjected these pages with a pithy rant last week, line after line dripping with disdain, contempt, and frustration. It was a rant that wrote itself, but I dwelled far too long on the negative things in life. I had an off day…

This I believe:

* I believe in doing things right the first time. I wil always do a task not just to the minimum required level, but as complete and as high quality as I can make it, even if that requires more work. I am not scared of work.

* I believe in being useful, both in myself and in everyday things. As my swimming coach once said, "Never be caught doing nothing." I do not like being idle, and I do not surround myself with superfluous baubles and trinkets. If an object has little practical value, then it is merely wasted space, wasted weight, and wasted money. (Similarly, if something is too bulky or cumbersome for its own good, it is cast aside).

* I believe in going the extra mile. It galvanizes the soul, strengthening persistance, motivation and determination, all of which are useful traits to have when trouble strikes.

* I believe in taking the road less traveled. Mediocre paths offer mediocre rewards. The most intriguing and unique discoveries can be found where everyone else fails to look. It’s a good way to pick up neat stories to tell for the rest of your life.

* I believe in having fun, too, but never at anyone else’s expense or humiliation.

* I believe in balance, in maintaining a moderation of all inputs. The best diet is variety. This does well for body and mind. A well-informed person is one who seriously studies and acknowledges all sides, both parallel to their own opinion and contrary to it.

* I believe that a person has the right to say, think, or do anything they wish, as long as they do not impede the rights, life, or liberties of any other individual. It is unjust to punish responsible people for the actions of a few irresponsible people. I do not condone laws that aim to protect the public for their own good; people have vested interests in watching out for themselves, and are able to deal with the consequences of those choices.

* I believe that no one religion or political party can accurately and comprehensively represent my views and ideas. A few days back, I noticed a car on the street that sported both Republican and Democratic bumper stickers. I gotta respect that.

* I believe that, as a civilization founded upon laws, there is an obligation to revisit laws to verify that they are applicable to changing times. An obsolete or outmoded law can do just as much harm as a misguided current one.

* I believe that the greatest challenge facing education today is students’ willpower to learn.

* I believe that fiscal responsibility means living free of all debt, and spending only within one’s means.

* I believe that rap and hip-hop are musical art forms just as much as an F-14 is a street sweeper.

* I believe that any attempts at social engineering or urban planning will inevitably fall victim to the Law of Unexpected Consequences.

* I believe in efficiency. It is noble and challenging to use as little as possible. Environmentalism is a cause that no one can afford to ignore. Recycling is by far the weakest of the three R’s, and that reducing and reusing are far underrated. Conservation is good for business, good for consumers, and good for every species, including us.

* I believe that America’s obesity epidemic started the day they started hiding stairwells and stopped building sidewalks.

* I believe in speaking only when I have something to say. I DO NOT believe in small talk. It accomplishes nothing. I’d rather have a real conversation than the illusion of one.

* I believe in privacy and modesty. Only when you respect your own borders will others respect you.


One Response to “This I believe”

  1. Dave Says:

    This is a well-defined set of values – kudos man, there aren\’t may people that understand how to live their life.

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