Family, politics, and pyramids

First of all, I had an eventful weekend with Mom and Grandpa Kurpis. We attended Shabbat services at TBS (with guest musician Rick Recht). We tackled Arlington Cemetery and the Air and Space Museum in one day (an impressive endeavor that wore our feet out)! And we did the monument walk the next day. (Note to self: reverse the direction of the circuit, so that the benches and food vendors are more plentiful at the second half rather than the first half.)

Grandpa really enjoyed the Cemetery (especially the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns), the vintage aircraft from WWII, and the WWII and Korean monuments. He told me stories about his memories of FDR’s presidency when he was a young lad. His father never missed one of Roosevelt’s fireside chats, and the whole family would gather around the radio. Grandpa particularly remembers the now-famous speech "I hate war…"

During the monument walk, I found seven virtual caches in the heart of DC, and there are plenty more where they came from! It is rare for a cache to get me to burst out laughing, but the Last Stop for a Weary Traveler did just that. This one was a fun and amusing virtual cache!

I came across this political tidbit recently: It’s the most organized and referenced presentation of this arguement I’ve seen so far. Although it uses a wide variety of news sources, I believe the Achillles heel of this is media bias. I’d love to see what the Young Report would make of this list.

I got another fake credit card in the mail. You have heard my rant before on why this is a waste of oil. I was glad to see that Bank of America uses cardboard instead of plastic now. Apparantly the cost of petroleum is forcing plastic to become so expensive that they can’t give it away for free in the mail anymore. To me, this was a decision I hope they stick with even after oil prices drop. I continue to advocate the reduction of plastic use.

I’ve been playing lots of games online at Super Duper Games. Please come and play some clever games with me; they have six to choose from right now, and Aaron is always looking for more to add (games and players, that is)!

Congratulations to Jacob Davenport for winning the Fourth Icehouse Game Design Contest on Monday!


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