Ten of Eleven

I have spent the last three days alternating between sleep and geocaching! Since Saturday I attempted eleven caches, and found ten, including two multicaches and a few puzzle caches.

* Did you know that part of the Berlin Wall is here in Arlington?

* I found two foreign coins: a 100 Forint Hungarian coin from 1998, and a Moroccan 1 Dirhan coin (the sixth one down on the page).

* I saw three toads, a millipede, and a deer.

* I found a three-foot-long piece of snake skin!

* I met four other geocachers, too!

* My average time per cache was 90 minutes ( I like to stop and look at interesting things along the way).

I also heard some neat things on NPR, too. The Japanese used explosive balloons against the U.S. in WWII. Living cells make sounds that can be heard with amplification (yeast cells scream when you put them in acid)! The federal government regulates the measurements of Arlington Cemetary headstones to within 1/32nd of an inch.


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