I need a plan!

I’ve got two problems to deal with now.

The first challenge is where to stay during Evelyn’s graduation. I may be on Long Island for up to a week, and I don’t want to shell out $100+ per night to Howard Johnson’s. I have a few options:

– Option 1) Stay elsewhere on campus. Staying with Evelyn herself might not work well with her family around, especially Sharon and Mayer. I could use an empty room in the grad dorm, a vacated room in Steve-Taylor, or crash in the TV room or on a couch somewhere (not the best arrangement for a week’s stay). I might be able to move in with Jared or some other friend with room to spare.

– Option 2) Stay with one of Evelyn’s relatives. Aunts Sylvia and Selma aren’t hosting anyone yet, but Ellie and Florence are booked.

– Option 3) Pitch a tent in a state park somewhere on Long Island.

– Option 4) Bite the bullet and book a hotel room for a few nights.

It’s just one bridge I have to cross in the next month.

Another issue is where to keep my kayak once I haul it down to Virginia in June. It’s about 14 feet long, and three feet wide. I got numbers from self-storage facilities, and they are typically asking $200 a month! Eeep! There is no place to keep it at the office, since we only lease the building we are in and the parking garage needs all the space it can get. The kayak will not fit in my apartment, since it will not fit in the stairwells or elevators. I cannot keep it on top of my car because I won’t be able to fit into the parking garage at work, not to mention the added cost of gasoline. I have a few options here too:

– Option 1) Discuss storage options with the Wildwood Park staff. They have storage spaces available, as well as in the bicycle room and the parking garage there. Maybe I can make a deal with them considering my unusual object.

– Option 2) Talk to canoe and kayak dealers in the area and attempt to arrange a storage deal with them, even if I only have access during business hours. REI is just a block away, and there are a few watersports shops along the Potomac and out in Fairfax county.

– Option 3) Find a kayaker at work and ask to ‘buddy up’ a storage arrangement with them.

– Option 4) If all else fails, I can haul the kayak back to Indiana and have Dad take care of it. When I have a place of my own, I can bring it back. I won’t get to use it for a few years, but it beats spending $2,500 a year just to keep it here. And I can always rent a kayak here in the meantime.

Those are the two bigger challenges facing me. I’m still trying to contact Rabbi Perlin from Temple B’Nai Shalom. She’s still our prime candidate for a wedding officiant, and I finally sent her an email tonight. Hopefully I’ll hear from her soon, so we can set up an appointment. Plan B is to talk to a Reconstructionist rabbi up in Bethesda.

I went to Webb this last weekend to see Evelyn’s play, ‘Meanwhile, Back on the Couch". It was a blast! Despite various setbacks this year, they managed to put together an energetic and hilarious show! It was great to see how Nathan has evolved as an actor, from the inept Barnes to the besieged Victor Karleen. He’s developed a sense for comic timing, and it shows. Emily was finally handed a part she can have fun with, as the snarky secretary. The set was right on the gym floor (my view a few rows back was mostly obscured by heads), and the lighting was rented. Luckily this year’s play didn’t ask much of the the lighting crew, but the stage and sound crews shined admirably. Even with Pat’s injury a few weeks ago (get well, Pat!), the Webb Players made their third production a hit! And yes, Evlelyn did a wonderful job with her small but critical role as Jingle Jabonsky!

Webb’s library had a book culling session, and I picked up a few worn hardbacks, mostly 1970s sci-fi. The best kind of sci-fi is free sci-fi. The gem of my rummaging was a biography of Marie Curie, the Doubleday hardback edition from 1937, which is part of the same set as my biography of Jack London. Score!

Gotta go,


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