It’s finally official!

Finally, after so much time spent in speculation and discussion, Evelyn and I are engaged!

I proposed to her on Saturday, around noon, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and gosh did I get a very enthusiastic answer! From the day I picked out her ring, I knew exactly where I wanted to ask the Big Question. In the Met, there is a room decorated in an 18th Century style, pale yellow walls, white trim and woodwork, a blazing gold chandalier hanging from the gilded ceiling, and a wall of tall windows. Once we found that room, and stood in the middle of it, I could feel that the moment was right. Holding both her hands in mine, I looked into her green eyes, and told her that the last two and a half years together have been very wonderful and happy. With a single gesture, I dropped down onto one knee, held the black velvet box up to her, and opened it.

And then, I got a reaction that I did not expect. Before I even knew the ring was out of the box, I was up on my feet being embraced in an eager hug! In a heartbeat she had taken the ring out of the box, slipped it on her finger, and wrapped her arms around me! It was all so fast, and I really wanted to put the ring on her myself, to take it all more slowly and dramatically. But apparantly Evelyn was a very enthusiastic girl who simply could not wait to be my fiancee!

For the rest of the museum trip, we walked through many of the galleries and exhibits, but Evelyn was watching her diamonds sparkle in the museum’s crisp lighting. I always enjoy the Met; it has become the benchmark by which I compare all other museums. What the Met does best is immersion. One does not simply look at art there; they experience it. The presentation, context and orientation of the artifacts and pieces all enhances the appreciation for it. I feel immersed in the history of the time period, like I’m a part of ancient Egypt, Renassiance Italy, Victorian London, feudal Spain, or post-war France. The Met is not just a museum; it is both a walking tour of the Earth’s cultures, and a time machine to 6,000 years of world history.

In the last two days, Evelyn and I (though mostly Evelyn), have been getting many ‘congrats’ and ‘mazel tov’s from all around us. We thank those who have expressed their earnest hopes and cheers for us, and celebrated our joy with us. There are many people we have heard from, and many more that we want to hear from. Thanks to all of those out there who have helped us come together as a couple (this means you, Kate!) and for those who have been our invisible fan club, wishing the best for us all along the way!

Where do we go from here? There are so many things we need to do between now and then. We will be very busy in the coming months, because we have a wedding to plan for! It feels like such an adventure!

The questions have already been pouring in….when? Where? How big? Am I invited? What kind of wedding dress does Evelyn want?

Don’t panic! Evelyn and I have been discussing our future wedding for the last year or so, and we’ve come up with many ideas, both of things we want to do, and things we want to avoid doing. For starters, we plan on holding the wedding here in Virginia, hopefully in February or March of 2006. We would like to focus the wedding on our families as much as we can. Family has been a major part of our lives so far, and we feel that family should be given the center of attention (besides the bride and groom, of course). Our wedding should have a balance of tradition and lighthearted fun, and we don’t want anyone to feel out of place treading water in a sea of tuxedos and pretty dresses. We’ve looked at many wedding planning guides and websites, and we’ve got ideas about things we’d like to do without, and things we could not do without.

There will be more time in the future to talk about details. The important part right now, in order to get things going at an early pace, is to get a head count of guests, starting with the families. Since Evelyn has six more weeks of Webb to finish up, we have decided that I will handle all the wedding business until she graduates in June. Please email me at for now, until Evelyn and I manage to set up a joint email account.

Thanks again to everyone for their congratulations, cheers, praises, mazel tovs, blessings and sincere wishes! Your well-wishing had been a warm welcome into our new official life together.


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