Since then….

First, a recap of my week so far…

Card night featured old classics: Give Me the Brain, Fluxx, and playtesting of Ferrball’s Mansion. Ian marked up my hard copy of the rules, with lots of suggestions how how to clarify the document. He saw lots of redundancies in it, and caught a few typos (oops). Will created a new character with a very high Fight stat, but a very slow Movement. He ended up raising it from Move=1 to 2, but limited his character to one attack per turn. Ian went nuts, creating a character that was hit with an old-school Mutate-o-matic every turn! Too bad he bowed out before he really got a chance to try it out. Both characters have been saved for future field testing. The other new cards and tweaks worked well, namely the Folding Chair and Garage Sale. We also had a classic face drop in, Amy! We haven’t seen her there in months! Amy, if you’re reading this, HI! and thanks for coming to join us at card night!

I caught Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on Monday night. It was a delightfully strange film. The casting worked better than expected. Arthur Dent, Zaphod, Trillian, and Marvin are right on the money, and Mos Def is actually NOT annoying as Ford. Who’da thunk it?!? The plot contains all the familiar gags and mayhem that Hitchhiker fans have come to love, and they even work in some new material sanctioned by Adams himself, so even the hardcore fanboys will get something new out of it. The visuals are memorable, but look a little on the aged side. Most of the aliens are animatronic puppets, and there is not as much CGI in this film as most others. All in all, they manage to cram an unfilmable novel into a quirky and fun two-hour cinema circus.

Kurt led me to a nice Chinese buffet in Annandale, but alas, no Mongolian Barbeque! Hey, it was still tasty, and I had my fill of MSG! Huzzah! I also helped Kurt clean out a small corner of the store. We unearthed all kinds of strange promo cards, CCGs long since dead, arms and legs and torsos for miniatures, and a very odd selection of dice with odd symbols on them. Weird stuff to be found……

I’m listening to Alan Parsons’s new CD, "A Valid Path". It’s the most electronic album he’s put together to date (Yes, even more than "I, Robot"). The beats are cluttered and gritty, with graceful synths flying in the background. I really dig the remixes of "The Raven" and "Mammagamma", as well as originals like "Return to Tunguska" and "L’arc en Ciel". Very different from Parsons’ other solo projects, but that’s why I like him; his style is always evolving and feels about two years ahead of the rest of the world, like pop music from the future.

And I finally got a haircut! I feel ten pounds lighter! Well, not to that degree. I exaggerate, but it feels better not having to brush hair off of my ears and forehead. Whew!

My geocaching adventures last Sunday were aborted. After finding one cache, I stumbled into a library book sale! I went in looking for a restroom, but I walked out with a crateful of books for $40, with the money going to a good cause. I picked up a a large set of Far Side cartoon books, more hardback Dave Barry, Clive Cussler, and many other gems of fiction, humor, and science. Now where to shelve them…?

I’ll try to write again, when I get back from New York. I’m visiting Evelyn for her birthday this weeked!

P.S.: Have you played Traction yet?


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