Four days in the life…

Howdy again! Well….where to start…ah, the bad news.

My digital camera’s Compact Flash card made an trip through my washing machine. It came out much cleaner, and it looks okay. I’ll give it some time to dry out, but now I have doubts. Is it safe to try the card in my camera? Maybe it’ll dry out and work fine, or maybe it will short circuit my camera. As much as it would cost me to replace a $50 memory card, it’s not worth risking an expensive camera like my Nikon. Anybody else out there know the answer to this dilemma?

Game night on Wednesday was fun. We played Bell-bottomed Badassses for a few games, then played a nail-biting four-player game of D&D Minis. I did well with the assorted Dwarven warband that Kurt lets me use, and I came out as the front runner with the de facto victory when 10pm came up and aborted the game. I practiced with Thin Ice on the side, and other folks joined in.

I made my first Icehouse game design last night. Check out the game page at . Try it out; feedback is highly welcomed! If it goes over well, I’ll enter it into a future Icehouse Game Design Contest. Soon, I’ll post my second game too, which I’ve tentatively dubbed Juxtapose.

Luckily, JJMA’s acquisition by Alion Science has been an unexpected boon to my game design efforts. Now I’ve got a whole brick of obsolete business cards. Yay! They have blank backs! Where’s my pen and my rules drafts? This could keep me busy for a while. I’ve been hoping to design a simple kid-friendly geocaching-themed card game to leave in caches. Now my be my chance to experiment.

You know those fake credit cards you get in the mail from credit card companies? For a year and a half, I’ve been collecting them; my parents are mailing me the ones they get. For a while I’ve been hoping to design a game using them, but my plans have changed. Now I’d like to mail them back to the credit card companies, accompanied by a sarcastic note, "Thanks for helping America end its addiction to petroleum"!

I read a statistic on MSN that 65,000 tons of used cell phones are thrown away in the US alone (though I don’t remember the time frame of that number). Think of how much oil went into the plastic for those phones. Think of how much land was strip mined for the gold in the wiring. Think of how much heavy metals that’s putting in American landfills. It’s absurd, considering how people treat cell phones as a disposable vanity item! What a waste they create!

Well, enough on my environmentalist rant. I’ll spare you the stories of how little I manage to throw out every other week. I take pride in how efficient I live. Looks like more caching this weekend, and more game design projects in the works.



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